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Spindelvev/Cobweb 2013


In a run down house two sisters are dancing. They are together and alone. Tall mountains are surrounding them, and in a few hours it will be dark. Before the day is over, a door to something new will open.

A film about encountering change and the inner chaos that follows.

Year of production: 2013

English title: Cobweb

Shot in Borgund, western Norway.

Headset or good speakers are recommended for best viewing. 

Directors: Anna Einemo Frøysland and Berit Einemo Frøysland
Director of photography: Stig Indrebø
Editor: Stig Indrebø
Sound designer / componist: Åse Ava Fredheim
Production assistant: Ingrid Haugen

Awards and screenings: 

Stockholm dance film festival           2015

Screen dance festival                       2015


Sogndal film festival                          2014

   Jury award - best film 

   Senior award

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