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Photo: Judith Arupa 


Berit Einemo Frøysland is a Norwegian dancer from Lærdal based in Bergen, Norway. She graduated from Balettakademien in Stockholm in 2016 and lived five years in Berlin until 2021. She has since worked with Deborah Hay, Eric Gauthier, Marina Abramović, Satoshi Kudo, Katrina Bastian, Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, Frikar Dance Company, Jeff Pedersen Productions and others.


She has created several pieces Petra – a solo on Rainer Werner Fassbinders Petra von Kant  (2020), Spil – a study in the Language Games of Wittgenstein (2020),The Shameful Dance (2022) and Gigant (2022), a piece for six dancers at The Norwegian National Opera. She was also commissioned to create a work for the ceremony of Rafto Foundation for Human Rights as well as several art and music videos. She is a recipient of the 3-year work scholarship for young dance artists from Arts Council Norway from 2022-2024. 


As a writer, Berit was one of the ten Springback Academy Writers during Springforward Festival (Aerowaves) in Elefsina in 2022 and she has been nominated for the review of the year by The Norwegian Critic´s association. Her writing is frequently featured in Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift. 


As a fashionmodel, she has been featured in campaigns for Balenciaga and Liebeskind, and has been in magazines such as SLEEK, Lovesome Magazine, Also Journal, Lucy´s Magazine, Fogs and Le Mile. 

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