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You are at a disco in your local gym. There is supposed to be dancing. You decide to be the one to start it off, you throw your arms outwards and upwards. People join in and you can blend into the forest of the crowd and feel safe. But wait – this is only a fantasy. In reality you are a motionless 13 year-old who can only move inside your clothes. You follow the pace of the music with your big toe inside the shoe. No one sees it.


In this piece, Anna and Berit are reviving their adolescent shyness. Through a detailed movement language with dancing, singing, acting, philosophy storytelling and self-help they navigate through a number of questions. What does it mean to break free, to de-shy oneself? What forces are at play? Isadora Duncan said: “Within each one of us lurks the breaker of all laws, ready to spring out at the first real opportunity”. Anna and Berit invites the audience in to a moment of contemplation of both the destructive and healing forceof the spring-out. 


Premeiere: 24th february 2022 Cornerteateret Frontlosjefestivalen, Bergen Norway 

6th March 2022, Salt Art & Music, Oslo Norway 

Choreography and dance: Berit Einemo Frøysland and Anna Einemo Frøysland

Outer eye: Cecilie Lindeman Steen and Andrea Spreafico

Film by Fredrik Holte Breien/Fjelldansen choreographic center

Funded by: Arts Council Norway, FFUK, Frontlosjefestivalen, Fjelldansen koreografiske senter/FRIKAR, Proscen

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