Tailer. Underskin Photography


Image 1: Leonie Brandner. After Poussin "Midas and Bacchus"

Image 2+3: Underskin Photography

A solo dance piece on Rainer Werner Fassbinder´s Die Bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant
(Work in progress)

The solo is a dance interpretation of the film “Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant” (1972) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The film tells the story of the successful fashion designers tragic love affair with her younger protégé, Karin. Staging Petra´s gestures, poses, mimic and the psychological transformation she undergoes through the film, the solo aims to dance a portrait of one of Fassbinder´s most complex characters.

In this piece, I am interested in the narrative and decomposition of a figure. The figure of Petra is a twisted one with ambiguous character traits – an echo of the Hollywood star. “Deine Figur ist dein Kapital” she tells Karin. But how does she maintain her own figure, the figura – as plastic, dynamic and living form? In a hysterical climax, the China is shattered, she screams and swears, rolls around on the floor in hysterical bitterness, whilst demanding 10 bottles of gin. It is an exhausting affair. 

Premiere: 6-9. February 2020, dock 11, Berlin


Sound: Philipp Rhensius

Generously funded by Arts Council Norway

The solo has been presented as a work in progress at the following venues: 

Den Nationale Scene, Bergen, 4th Nov 2018

Scenehuset, Oslo 5th and 6th of Nov 2018

Lake Studios, Berlin Unfinished Fridays 24th of November 2018

DOCK 11 Berlin, 24-25th of January 2019

Tokyo, Japan 23.03.2019

Berlin, Show Camp Berlin Diagonale (PAF) 31.05.2019  

Trailer 2 (2018). Video: Jon Filip Fahlström

Music: The Walker Brothers "In my room"