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Residency at R.E.D with the duo

Photo Lanna Olsson

Anna and I will have a week of residency at RED (Residency Eina Danz) in August. We are excited for this opportunity to work on our duo concept. This is what we will be focusing on:

In our residency at RED, we wish to research on beauty. We are curious about what makes an object, a surrounding or a human being beautiful. What elements are involved, and what happens if these elements change and differ from each other? We are interested in the interaction between the grotesque and the beautiful, and the notion of these in contemporary society.

We will be looking for new ways to move through this concept. How can we express the psychological mechanisms that are connected to beauty? We will be working with costumes and doing research on how they affect movement. We also want to use this week to specify and narrow down our interests, in order to find a clearer direction for the research.

Ultimately, the research we do at RED will be part of the creation that we want to turn into a full-evening piece. And most importantly - this residency is for us part of a process of getting to know our artistic voice as a duo.

Photo: Lanna Olsson

About R.E.D. :

(Residency Eina Danz) is an international, national and regional arena for arts and culture established in 2013 on a farm overlooking the Eina lake outside of Oslo. Located in the middle of the breathtaking Norwegian countryside, R.E.D. is surrounded by locally run farms and large natural spaces for leisure.

Read more about R.E.D here:

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