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Double (trouble) bill

Photo: Fan Wu

I will perform the solo "Petra" in a double bill evening with Anna Einemo Frøysland.

Anna will perform her solo "STILL"

Scenehuset 5-6 November

Oslo, Norway



Description of the piece:


A dance solo based on the protagonist character in the Rainer Werner Fassbinder film ”Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant” (1972). The film tells the story of Petra von Kant, a successful fashion designer. She is posing in a carefully calculated manner, she wears dresses that restricts her movements, and not once in the film does she actually leave her hermitically sealed loft apartment. When she falls in love with her younger protégé, Karin, it is the beginning of a transformation - the fierce heartache leaves her into an abyss of despair, alcoholism and ultimately breakdown. As her story develops, so does her movements. Berit has been researching this transformation with the moving body as the starting point. Taking inspiration from her movements and the psychological journey she undergoes throughout the film, the solo aims to give a portrait of Petra von Kant through dance.

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